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Why Am I Alone?

Why am I feeling alone?
Invisable and feeling like I don't belong,
I'm hurting inside,
But I musn't show,
Everything inside of me is screaming,
'It's ok to not be ok.'
It's not, you live in hurt and destruction,
I want it all to end,
All this pain and sorrow,
I want it to go away,
I live in fearof myself,
Wondering who will be my next victim,
My anger is hard to control,
Little outbursts all the time,
Then I'm ready to explode!
Don't wanna hurt nobody,
So I keeped myself locked up,
Hiding all my anger and hurt,
I cry alone, I cry silently, I cry inside of me,
If I cry around others, I make excuses up,
But people are starting to see,
All of the hurt inside of me.

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