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I'm The Widow Of An Alcoholic

He was mild mannered and I loved him so much,
When we met I knew he was the one,
If I was ever in trouble he was always my crutch,
But inside he was a smoking gun.

We'd enjoy a beer and a glass of fine wine,
Enjoy burgers at the barbecue,
With friends and family we'd usually dine,
Then the odd drink became more than a few.

The man we loved became snappy,
Saying things we could not understand,
He would suddenly become so unhappy,
Soon his comments would get out of hand.

He'd shout at the children for just breathing,
Leaving them totally fraught,
His behaviour would then have me seething,
Which would leave us all feeling distraught.

The following day when he got out of bed,
I would try to take him to task,
When I asked him about those things he'd said,
His reply was always, '' please don't ask ''

Was it pressure of work or was it just me,
My excuses became pretty lame,
Because I loved him I refused to see,
It was him who was entirely to blame.

He started to come home smelling of drink,
To say obnoxious is me being mild,
I had to find out just what was the link,
We did not deserve being reviled.

I started to find alcohol all over the house,
In wardrobes and under the stairs,
Half empty bottles hidden by my spouse,
When confronted he'd say, '' who cares ''

He wouldn't talk he'd refuse to discuss,
His only comment was, '' I've nothing to say ''
Apart from the fact I was making a fuss,
About nothing as things were okay.

His friends and family then disappeared,
They just couldn't take any more,
His alcohol problems were far worse than feared,
What is happening to the man we adore.

He then lost his license he could no longer drive,
After that he lost his employment,
As time went by his health took a dive,
He was losing his sense of enjoyment.

We all tried our best but it was never enough,
Then came the physical abuse,
It was then I decided, yes it was tough,
I wouldn't listen to another excuse.

We gave up our life we gave up trying,
Though we'd struggled for so many years,
We could no longer watch the man we love dying,
He was confirming all our worst fears.

He gave up his children he deserted his wife,
Before we knew it he'd become overawed,
His addiction took over his entire life,
When alcohol became his one God.

Drink will destroy you if you lose control,
It will fill your whole life with regret,
On all those around you it will take it's toll,
That's something you must never forget.

Yes it's addictive but you can get assistance,
But that decision must come from ''YOUR'' heart,
If you continue your denial and total resistance,
Your whole world will be torn apart.

The misuse of booze affects far more than you,
There are many others who will end up abused,
You'll end up in the gutter that much is true,
For your addiction you will stand accused.

Alcohol is a killer so don't be misled,
It isn't all about fun and frolic,
How do I know that you'll end up dead,

‘' I'm The Widow Of An Alcoholic ‘'

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