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Won't You Take Time To Believe?

Christ is coming again to bring Judgment on the unruly and defiant,
But He's given Grace to all who believe The Word and don't deny it.

God will continue to show Mercy to Believers, who won't be denied,
But His Grace which He's displayed this age will be soon put aside.

Then God's Wrath will be poured on those, by whom Christ was denied,
And when He comes they'll cry for the rocks to fall on them to hide.

This will be during Jacob's Trouble, which is also The Tribulation,
Not only will God Judge Israel, but each and every wicked nation.

Although it's a time of Judgment as people seek Satan's exaltation,
God will have witnesses present at this time imparting His Salvation.

Now with the Age of Grace over, many Believers will face martyrdom,
But Christ will say to them this is My Kingdom in which you can come.

As for the men left on the earth, as they continue working in pairs,
One will be taken in God's Judgment, while the other one is spared.

With the increase of wickedness because man's heart is so depraved,
Unless those days are shortened, no flesh on the earth will be saved.

The Tribulation will be the darkest time ever experienced on earth,
And the only sure way to avoid it is through God's spiritual rebirth.

Friend the days are getting darker and Satan only wants to deceive,
With the Age of Grace still upon us, won't you take time to believe?

(Copyright © 04/2003)

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