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Following the standards of this world, as your work day is unfurled,
May be the normal thing you do, as you see your schedule through,
But, Believers need to be aware, of standards that are set out there,
The standards that deny our Lord, and as moral issues are ignored.

Their standards may get jobs done, but, do nothing for God’s Son,
To help believers live their daily life, above all of their immoral strife.
With our standards set much higher, pleasing The Lord is our desire,
We desire to live and honor Him, while in this world plagued with sin.

Our standard is an Everlasting One, authorized by God’s Only Son,
God’s standard is carved in stone, put in place from God’s Throne.
A standard of unalterable ways, is needed for these changing days.
Standards followed by the wise, as the world chooses compromise.

This standard is the choice of those, who the Lord above has chose,
To shine His light in every nation, to lead all men to God’s Salvation.
God’s standard simply cannot waver, built upon our Blessed Savior,
Before the foundation of this world, it’s the only one we’re to herald.

The Word of God will be our source, as we chart our earthly course,
For The Word alone is foundational, as men seek to live God’s Will.
As the standards set forth by men, by The Lord will be condemned,
But God’s standard is eternal friend, as His will alone will never end.

(Copyright ©06/2007)

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