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How Do We Change?

Dear ladies, and gentlemen.
I will not save you or be your business partner.
I am a hateful American when it comes to certain issues.
I am not a trusting at all.
I'm as flawed as the next human being.
These letters you keep sending me will not change me.
The irony is I would love to be humanitarian.
But without the financial backing.
It will never happen.
I must change things with words.
And knowledge that keeps me up at night.
Thinking about the next thing I must do.
And again you tell me story so sad and it is most likely true.
But denied by your government.
For what you speak of is not suppose to exist.
Unofficial is a word I understand all to well.
For politics have a way of making things disappear.
Fear is a dangerous thing when it is not in their hands.
They use it, but don't want to be a victim of it.
Propaganda, by denial is the name I shall give this.
It pisses me off, makes me angry that truth is as much a weapon as lies.
Where does it end?
When do your country men come to defend?
Up hold a name so proud.
This is who we are.
This is what we stand for.
We sleep among the streets.
We know of no homes.
An higher education lacking.
A constant hunger for food we don't have.
Crime and violence rampant.
Corruption shovelled up and thrown in your face.
Knowing of no escape.
How do we change?
This is a question I ask all.
For the answer are not simple.
They never are.

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XRumerTest said on 24 September 2019:
Hello. And Bye.


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