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Dear Everybody.

Dear Americans, The World, my countrymen everywhere.
I would like to speak to you tonight, not about some woman.
Not about some dream job in the future
Not about your suffering, but the will to be children's, children, who will suffer at the hands of pure greed, and constant prolonging of compromising.
This is a slowly failing capitalist state, empire, government, or whatever else you want to call to it.
The laws are being rewritten slowly.
Our monopoly laws has failed miserably.
And I want them reinforced harder.
Shrink these businesses to a reasonable size.
If you don't have the money to cover it.
And the company don't have the money to cover it.
It shouldn't exist.
You don't like that walmart tough.
I'm not speaking to favor you at all.
You make hardly in anything in America.
And yet they are too many of your companies here.
Assembled is as close as you get except for groceries and prescriptions.
Prescription manufacturers who hardly make any drugs in this country. and charge us the most for them.
Where is our competitive market.
Where are the U.S. factories? ? ?
Where are the hard workers? ? ?
Now that doesn't just mean factories.
How about we make some clothing again.
How about us harvesting more cotton.
How about we make more computer chips.
How about we grow something is costing that's costing millions if not billions of dollars.
Oh and emptying our prison systems at the same time
A man I talked from U.K. tells me the about unique laws Amsterdam has.
By the way I did look up these laws and I'm reading from them as we speak. Their drug law states, that everyone has the right to choose of their own health as far most health issue goes.
And that should be our right.
We shouldn't have to have insurance unless their is a nation wide free insurance program.
The pursuit of happiness.
We deny that.
That's a lie.
But in truth I don't think it's possible to completely achieve it.
For if it was possible murders could kill at a whim, rapist a would be allowed to pursue their sick and twisted happiness as two very ugly examples of how flawed that idea is.
I think it should be true about ones health.
But lets face it someone must lead, and someone must follow.
We got too many cooks and not enough chefs in this country.
And of the chefs none have to take responsibility for their actions.
If they were that money wouldn't have disappeared in the first place.
What of you Obama, what do you have to say of your actions.
What have you done, to truly help this country.
I wouldn't call that health bill help.
It was like putting a band aid on a hemorrhage and expecting to fix its self, it didn't.
You have to treat healthcare companies, like the electric companies.
Cap them.
you want to start making money on that issue, that is what needs to be done.
Oh and while your at bring the product back. create taxation laws such that American products are equal.
Put them taxes on us.
I would take that load if it means American jobs again. Anybody who bring back American jobs I would support.
Anybody who actually would do something like pull all Americans out of all wars I would support.
Their needed right here on the borders and disaster areas.
The greed has to stop so ill be the first American say tax me so we can return American jobs again.
Let it be on the products that come from other countries.
Call it isolationism if you want.
But other countries have the right to do the same.
Bush this is my middle finger to you and that line.
Its not isolationism if it is basic survival.
We are in trouble, we will become either a Communist, socialist or dictatorship type government
I don't think its not to far down this road we are traveling.
Their is no looking back as soon as we go.
When the government truly collapses you will know.
Now the world probably hate me for some of the things I said
Now the Americans probably hate me for some of the things I said.
Now big bushiness probably hate me for what i said.
I know i probably pissed of both republicans, and democrats.
But we are at all fault for this and we will suffer some way for it.
If we really want to fix it.
We must except we are all at fault.
Equal the land must be before a golden age will ever be seen.

~Give me responses arguments as the people or even your ideas as leaders of the literature world. Put it all in poems and keep delivering the messages. Drill it in as if it is your most loved one that died. Let them know what you want.

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